Religious and Civil Procedures

Civil marriage

Civil registration
Santa Maria Huatulco
Telephone: 01 958 58 1 42 06
Address: Manuel Brena S/N, Colonia Centro, Santa María Huatulco Cp. 70980


  1. Marriage Application (can be purchased at the Revenue collection).
  2. Presence of the parties or legal representative.
  3. Original of the certification of birth data of the spouses.
  4. Official identification of the spouses.
  5. Pre-nuptial medical certificates issued by a private individual doctor or health center of SSA, IMSS, ISSSTE, etc. (original).​
  6. Assets patrimonial regime agreement in case of agreeing separation of assets or voluntary conjugal society. I don't know.
  7. Present at least 2 witnesses of legal age.​
  8. If one of the spouses is a foreigner, they must present an authorization letter from the Migration Secretary.​
  9. Singles due to divorce or death will present the corresponding act. (If the document was raised abroad see acts of immigration.) Wedding planner.

IF ANY OF THE BOYFRIENDS IS FOREIGN, they must also present::

a) Apostille or legalized birth certificate

b) Current permit issued by the Ministry of the Interior

c) Proof of your legal stay in the country, as well as your identity and immigration status. ​

In the event that a foreigner obtains a Mexican naturalization letter from the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the presentation of the birth certificate of the country of origin is not necessary.​

Religious wedding

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (La Crucesita, Huatulco)

Chapel of the Holy Cross (Santa Cruz Huatulco)

Telephone: 958 58 10 9 44

Address: Calle Gardenia S/N, Col. Centro, C.P. 70989, La Crucesita, Bahías de Huatulco, Oax.

  • Both must be of legal age.
  • If they are minors, the parents must obligatorily sign the emancipation certificate, without it, the ceremony cannot be carried out.
  • Baptismal faith of the spouses. If one of the two is a foreigner, you must present the baptismal certificate of the country where it was carried out. If the document does not appear, the oath of those affected or other proof that the parish priest will point out to you, such as the First Communion or Confirmation certificate, could be enough to ensure membership in the Church.
  • Confirmation Act.​
  • First Communion Act.​
  • Birth Certificate (recent).
  • Two child-size photographs.
  • Proof of address.​
  • Filling out the marriage information act with your personal data.
  • Comply with the cycle of premarital talks and present the certificate of the same.
  • Pay the fee.​
  • Carry out the presentation in the Church.
  • Request a transfer letter (if the ceremony will be held in a different church than the one that corresponds to them).​
  • They must request a special permit called Dispensation, in the event that one of the bride and groom belongs to a different religion (dispensation by mixed religion); or that one of the two has no cult (dispensation for cult parity).​

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